Design it. 3D CAD

It is our intention to transform customer's designs into working components in the shortest possible time. To this end the Company has invested heavily in the latest CADCAM and electronic communication systems.

Shortest lead times are achieved with designs being delivered electronically. 

Data Processing Policy

CAD-CAM Data Import
The following CAD-CAM data transfer formats are available in-house: 

IGES / DWG-2D / STP / STL / SAT / Parasolid XMT / Visi-Cad

Data Media
We are able to accept electronic data using the following media types: 

USB / Flash Drives / DVD or CD Rom Data Discs

E-Mail in Raw Data or Compressed form using either Zip or WinZip Data

Liability & Conditions
We are able to accept data only on the following conditions.

1. If the customer only provides Cad model data, it will be recorded as the matter source of information and all manufacturing operations will be derived from it.

2. If a drawing or other dimentional data is also provided, then the customer will be asked to define which is the master source of information. If dimensions from the two sources are subsequently found to di?er (although no specific check will be made), the customer will be informed but manufacturing will continue using the master source of information.

3. If components derived from the master source of information are subsequently found to be "incorrect" (possibly following "fit & function" tests), the customer will be required to cover costs of all remidial work, which must be agreed and ordered prior to the commencement of the work.